Translation of article published in Skips- revyen No. 6 DECEMBER 2001
M/S DANAVIK Coastal fishing boat from -Varvet (Swedish shipyard)

-Varvet AB on the cker Island outside Gothenburg Sweden delivered on
The 2nd of December the costal fishing vessel GG 32 DANAVIK to
Mr Jan Karlsson and Mr Kjell Olofsson. In relation to the size of the ship
(15 metres long and 6 metres wide) it is a very robust ship with good
working space on deck. The building number of the boat is 113.
The pilothouse is placed towards the stem and is large and spacious.
The kitchen and resting room is placed on the port side and the steering
position with instruments is placed on the starboard side.
A cabin with 4 bunks is placed under the pilothouse. The furnishing is
made out of solid oak and oak panels.

Main Data
Length ova. 14,95 metres
Length wl 12,60 metres
Maximum width 5,9 metres
Depth aft 3,47 metres

At the rear aft on the starboard side a manover place is situated next to
the trawler conduit.The main engine, steering, and split winch and
trawl conduit can be manoeuvred from here. On the port side,
there is also a manoeuvre place for manoeuvring the trawler conduit and
the split winch. The fish bin is placed in front of the trawl hanger on the port side.
The ship is equipped with a split winch, unloading crane and trawl conduit,
which are manufactured by the shipyard. The trawl and hawsers have
been supplied from Hn Vadbinderi. The cargo hold is isolated with foam
and plastic walls for easy cleaning.

A Scotsman icemaker producing 800 kg ice per 24-hour period.
There is also cargo hold refrigeration equipment installed from Searef AB.
This company has also delivered an air condition solution to the ship.
The cargo hold can keep a temperature of 0 deg Centigrade.
Its size is enough for up to 400 fish boxes (40 kg).
The windows and light valves are supplied by Colt Industries, the lights from
Aqua Signal and the rescue raft comes from Viking.

The main engine is a Caterpillar 3412 E diesel connected to a
Berg propulsion propeller, a high skew three bladed propeller with
a diameter of 1650 mm. The gearbox is Danish Mekanord 350 HS with a
reduction of 5,94:1. The steering gear comes from -Varvet.
The help engine is a Valmet 420 and drives a Stamford generator.
The engine room is sound insulated and fireproofed by Inergen equipment.

The ship has Furano radar, Suzuki ES 1005 ecologg,
Furano CH-250 sonar and a Simrad Robertson AP 45 autopilot.