The principle of the refrigeration system
is a so-called secondary system.

-Easier installation-standard units for quick intstallation.
-Low degree of frosting-less defrosting needed
-Reliable equipment and durable equipment.
-Low weight
-Even temperature in cargo hold
-Superior quality of caught fish-higher price on catch!

Cargo holds at sea are facing extremely difficult conditions
especially regarding corrosion. When refrigeration and moistening
of fish is required at the same time, problems are faced.
We developed the idea to switch from traditional systems
made out of copper and stainless steel, to systems made out of polymeric materials.
We realized that, in addition to very good refrigeration properties,
other advantages occurred such as:

Three standard systems are available:

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S 1000 going up to 6,5 kW
S 2000 going up to 9,5 kW
S 3000 going up to 20 kW

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Piping in unisolated cargo hold