It is extremely important to keep the cool chain intact
from catch of fish to the end consumer!

As seen in diagram below, it is extremely important to keep temperature
as close to 0 deg. centigrade as possible. This preserves the catch
and makes it acceptable as food for a longer time so that it can
reach the consumers FRESHER.
The first step in the chain is to create a 0 deg C. temperature
in the cargo hold of the boat in order to start the cool chain.

Mr. Klingander, skipper of MS Kennedy installed
our system 9 years ago.

"At first I was sceptical to installing plastic piping in my ship, but the possibility
to shape the installation according to the shape of the ship, and then seeing
how well both cooling and defrosting works, I am entirely positive.
The cooling capacity is more than enough even if the cargo hold is not isolated.
Another fact is that we can wedge the fish boxes under the pipes which are more or less unbreakable makes me happy to recommend this technology
to my fishing colleagues and their vessels around the world"

copyright karl lundholm 2005